Football Tunes and More

Songs celebrating the Soca Warriors journey to the World Cup in Germany 2006.
Maximus Dan: Fighter
Maximus Dan: Victory
Maximus Dan: Victory Speech
Maximus Dan: We Are Warriors (Fighter Remix)
Maximus Dan ft. Juenes Agape Choir: Warriors Goal
3Canal: Vibes It Up
Andre Baptiste: We Are Warriors
Bunji Garlin: Warriors Coming
Carib Beer Soca Warriors Jingle
Chris Garcia: Wunderbar
Clint Thomas: Football Song
Cool Breeze: TnT in Germany
David Rudder et al: Still A Warrior
The Original DeFosto Himself: Soca Warriors
The Original DeFosto Himself: Soca Warriors (vocals)
Denyse Plummer: Soca Warriors (Remake)
DL: Chanting Warrior
Fakekou: Kick De Ball
Farm P: We Red 'N Ready
Gino McKoy: Soca Warriors Anthem
Ian John: Soca Warriors Parang
Iwer George: We Reach
James Kakande: You You You (T&T Version)
Kabulus: Soca Warrior
KC: Red For T&T
Kerwin DeBois: Football Madology
King Luta: Victory In Germany
Lyrikal: Straight To Germany
MADiX: Keepah
MashUp Crew ft. VolkanikMan: Who De Stars
Mastertone: A Trini Lime
Natural: A Tribute To The Soca Warriors
New World Steel Orchestra: Soca Pans
Nigel Fabien: Time Fuh Germany
Nigel Fabien: Time Fuh Germany (Instrumental)
Nigel Fabien: Time Fuh Germany (Trini Posse)
Ninja & Andre Baptiste: Beat Bahrain
Pelf: (Soca Warriors) Get On Board
Rikki Jai: The Boys From T&T
Ronnie McIntosh: Deutschland
Sheldon Blackman: SocaNation
Sheldon Blackman: SocaNation (Instrumental)
Slammer Cutter: Soccer Man
Socaman: Für Das Team
Soca Rebels: Warriors And Rebels
Soca Warriors: Sweet Soca Warriors Music
Super Blue: Germany
TnT Soca Boys: Soca Warriors World Cup Team
Trinidad All Stars: Soca Warriors (DeFosto)
T&T Tartan Army: Scotland, Scotland, Jason Scotland
Unofficial Ireland World Cup Song
VolkanikMan: Welcom Soca Warriors
Colin Lucas: Football Dance
Colin Lucas: Football Dance (TV)
Colin Lucas: Football Dance (Instrumental)
Kizzy Ruiz: Germany
Mr. Dale: Hand Up
Skatie: Go Warriors Go
Skatie: Go Warriors Go (Instrumental)

Calypso and Soca music by German artists, with German language or featuring Germany.
(1956) Young Killer: Girls in Germany
(1958) Lloyd Thomas: German Calypso
(1960) Mighty Skipper: Berlin On A Donkey
(1961) Nap Hepburn: German Blonde
(1962) Count Bernadino: German Calypso
(1994) Chako: Jump Up And Wine
(1995) Chako: Wild Meat / Message From The Underground
(1996) Chako: Jagabat / Fete Cya Done
(1998) Chako: Spinderella
(1998) All Rounder & Wilma Hendrickson: I Love Berlin
(2002) Canboulay: Berlin On A Donkey
(2004) Kodiak & Frank Feuer: Aus Berlin / Bums Ihn

Some classic T&T Football tunes and other calypso and soca music featuring football.
(1962) Mighty Popo: Football Season
(2001) Mighty Terror: Tribute To Dwight Yorke
(2008) The Original DeFosto Himself: Papa Jack
(2011) Karene Asche: Uncle Jack
(2011) Karene Asche: Uncle Jack 2

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