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SOCAWARRIORS.NET Soca Warriors Online is the best site for T&T Football information. Extensive statistics, news and a very active forum make up this site.
THEWARRIORNATION.COM The official supporters club of the Soca Warriors.
TTFFONLINE.COM The current official website of the T&T Football Federation and the Soca Warriors. It was launched in August 2007.
SOCAWARRIORSTT.COM The Soca Warriors site developed jointly by the TTFF and the Ministry of Tourism for the road to Germany in 20006.
SOCA-VILLAGE.DE Rotenburg's website welcoming the Soca Warriors and their fans to their town and to Germany for World Cup 2006.
SOCA-WARRIORS.DE Soca Warrior news in the German language. Hier finden Sie Informationen rund um das Fußball-Team aus Trinidad und Tobago - die Soca Warriors.
YAHOO! GROUP: TTFOOTBALL The Yahoo! Group TTFootball is essentially a news feed for football happenings in T&T.
TRINIDADTOBAGO.WORLDCUPBLOG.ORG A web log dealing with T&T as well as all other 31 nations in the World Cup.
WM2006.DEUTSCHLAND.DE The German government's website concerning FIFA World Cup 2006.
FIFA.COM A link to the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation page on
FIFAWORLCUP.COM A link to the Trinidad & Tobago page on
WUEMME-JUMBIES.DE Soca Warrior Fanclub based in Rotenburg, Trinidad and Tobago's World Cup camp.
MISS-WM.DE A beauty pageant featuring women of the 32 nations qualified for the World Cup. Miss World Cup will be crowned in Rust, Germany on June 1.
TRINIDAD-WALES.AT All about the T&T - Wales Friendly on May 27 including ticket info. (German only)
UNITEDINNUREMBURG.COM A friendship event sponsored by fans from England, T&T and Germany being held in Nuremberg on the eve of the group B match between England and T&T.
DRIBBELMARATHON.DE To celebrate the Soca Warriors' stay in Rotenburg this event was held on June 18 to attempt a 7777 kilometer relay to cover the distance between Rotenburg and Port of Spain.

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T&T Footballers in Germany
Player Club Position Dates
Evans Wise SV Waldhof Mannheim 07 Midfield 2005-2006
Wacker Burghausen2002-2003
SVgg Elversberg2000-2002
SSV Ulm 18461999-2000
SG Egelsbach1995-1996
Malcolm Michael Granado 1. FC Schweinfurt 1905 Striker -
Ainsley Romany-Phipps TV Badenstedt -

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Culture and Carnival
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CARIBBEAN-HEATWAVE.DE Caribbean Heatwave is a non-profit Trinidad style band taking part in Germany's biggest multi-cultural carnival, Karneval der Kulturen, in Berlin.
CARNIVAL-BIELEFELD.DE The tenth annual Bielefelder Carnival der Kulturen takes place on the 10th of June in 2006.
ESTIA.DE Estia Holzspielwaren is a toy store in Neuberg, Germany run by a German-Trini couple, Hartmut and Jaime Ramroop-Gutfleisch. In business since 1995 and featured in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
FRIENDS-OF-TNT.DE Friends of Trinidad and Tobago, e.V. is a cultural organization in Berlin promoting T&T in Germany in particular at the Karneval der Kulturen.
IMAGINE-CARNIVAL-CLUB.DE The Imagine Carnival Club is dedicated to carnival as an art form. It designs and builds costumes that are presented at various events. It is located in Bielefeld and was founded in 2000.
KARIBIK-SHOW.DE A German dance troupe with a carnivalesque show: Unsere Yussara Karibikshow Revue bietet ihnen die einmalige, exotische und Facetten reiche, unvergleichbare original Live-Sensation des Karnevals der Karibik.
KARNEVAL-BERLIN.DE Karneval der Kulturen takes place every year during Pentecost (Pfingsten) and features carnival traditions from all over the world. It will take place this year (2006) from June 2 to 5.
KARNEVALDEUTSCHLAND.DE Approximately 4,000 carnival associations, leagues, organizations and fraternities belong to the German Carnival Society.
KASKADU.DE Kaskadu is a German based band led by Trinidadian Fitzroy Burroughs.
MACCORAMA.DE A German website and blog with Trinbagonian links and topics.
PLAY-MAS.DE Play Mas Young International Performers' Festival took place in 2004 in Hamburg which featured theater and performance groups from Argentina, South Africa, India, Hamburg and Trinidad & Tobago.
SHADEMAKERS.DE Under the artistic direction of Paul McLaren Shademakers produce carnival costumes out of workshops in both Bielefeld, Germany and London.
STEFANFALKE.COM Stefan Falke is a German photographer who has published Moko Jumbies. He also runs a blog featuring his photography.
TRINIDAD-LAKE-ASPHALT.DE Since 1888 German based Trinidad Lake Asphalt is marketing the Trinidad Natural Asphalt. This natural building material from the island of Trinidad is unique for its unchanging consistency and quality and is used in Germany, the whole continent of Europe, and the Near East.
TRINIDAD-TOBAGO.DE Eine virtuelle Reise zum Carnival. A virtual tour of Trinidad's carnival in the German language.
TRINIDAD-UND-TOBAGO.DE A general information site about Trinidad and Tobago.

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VISITTNT.DE The German site of The T&T Tourist Board. Promotes tourism in T&T in the German language.
ADESDOMOCIL.DE Ade's Domicil-Guesthouse is located in a serene and secured residential area in Bacolet Point, Scarborough, Tobago. Ade's Domicil-Gasthaus liegt auf einer ruhigen Halbinsel in Bacolet Point.
AQUARIUSLODGE.DE Aquarius Lodge, Delaford, Kings Bay, Tobago is a three bedroom vacation home for rent.
BEHIND-DE-SCENES.DE A travel journal by Christian Schmetz who visited Trinidad and Tobago as an intern for E-Zone. Also a link to E-Zone magazine containing his impressions and his blog on the E-zone website.
CARIB-CONSULT.DE Denn Carib Consult ist der Spezialist für Ihren individuellen Urlaub in der Karibik. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der Insel Tobago und deren größeren Schwesterinsel Trinidad, die vom Massentourismus glücklicherweise verschont geblieben sind.
CONDOR.DE Condor is an airline offering direct flights between Frankfurt and Tobago.
DIVE-ADVENTURE.DE Extra Divers Tobago's head office is located on the southwest coast of Tobago at Crown Point. Master scuba trainer Markus Baumgartner runs the center. Die Extra Divers Basis liegt in Crown Point, Tobago. Geleitet wird die Tauchbasis vom erfahrenen Tauchlehrer Markus Baumgartner.
INCENTIVEANDMORE.COM Travel agency based in Frankfurt and Diego Martin arranges incentive, business and leisure travel.
JEMAS-GUESTHOUSE.DE Built 1996 in Caribbean style this guesthouse is situated in a tropical paradise in Black Rock, Tobago.
KOLIBRI-REISEN.DE A German travel site specializing in trips to Trinidad and Tobago since 1995.
PORT-OF-SPAIN.DIPLO.DE Website of the German Embassy in Port of Spain.
REISEN-TOBAGO.DE Reisen Tobago beschäftigt sich mit der Reiseregion Tobago, in der Karibik. A German language site with travel info to Tobago.
TOBAGO.DE Sealevel Guesthouse is located at the beach of Castara in Tobago. Eight units are available for rent.
TOBAGO-FERIEN.DE Ein Ferienhaus auf Tobago für private Unterkunft auf einer der schönsten Inseln der Karibik. A vacation home for rent in Carnbee, Tobago.
TOBAGO-HOLIDAYS.DE German version of offering CharlotteVilla, two one bedroom apartments and a two bedroom suite available for rent in Tobago.
TOBAGOFERIEN.DE Attraktive und preisgünstige Ferienunterkünfte auf der Karibik Trauminsel Tobago von privat zu vermieten. Attractive, economical vacation villas available for rent in Tobago.
TOBAGOSUNRISE.DE Tobago Sunrise is a travel agency run out of Tobago by a German ex-pat. It has been in business since 2000.
TOBAGOURLAUB.DE Vacation homes for rent in Bacelot, Tobago on the shore of Minister Bay as well as in Rüdesheim am Rhein in Germany.
TOPRIVER.COM Top River Pearl unter deutscher Leitung erwarten Sie im Zentrum von Charlotteville 4 Doppelzimmer-apartments mit Küche/Bad und ein Ferienhaus mit zwei Schlafzimmern, nur 200 Meter vom Meer entfernt. Vacation apartments and house in Charlotteville under German management.

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Food & Restaurants
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ANGOSTORY.DE Angostory: Die Geschichte von Angostura in der Küche. A German language website on cooking with Angostura Bitters.
ANGOSTURA.COM The company that was founded by a German doctor in Venezuela is now a household name in Trinidad & Tobago.
ANKES-CHILISHOP.DE Source of Trinidad Marinades and other pepper sauces and condiments.
CASCREOLE.DE CasCreole is a restaurant in Kreuzberg, Berlin whose namesake is in Castara Bay, Tobago. They serve 20 brands of rum and specialties from Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica.
DIELINDE.DE Restaurant "Die Linde" is run by Brian Akien, a Trinidadian chef. It features a culinary fusion he calls "Germago". It is located in Weiterode north of Frankfurt.
JEAN-LUC-RESTAURANT.DE Jean Luc Restaurant in Dresden offers Caribbean and French cuisine.
LAIMIN.DE Laimin (limin') Restaurant and Bar in Munich features creole cooking.
RAUSCH-SCHOKOLADE.COM A German chocolatier specializing in making fine chocolates from specific regions including Trinidad and Tobago.
STIERMANNS.DE Stiermann's Karibik Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is in Gersthofen by Augsburg.
TOBAGO-BAY.DE Tobago Bay Restaurant is located in downtown Mönchengladbach.
TRINIDAD-HEIDELBERG.DE A cocktail bar in Heidelberg, Germany specializing in tropical drinks.
TRINIDAD-SCHOKOLADE.DE A chocolate company producing the Boca Drago brand made from Trinitario cocoa.

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Steel Pan
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STEELDRUM.DE A site dedicated to Steel Pan in Germany. They are promoting PanWeekend in Dortmund on March 25 & 26, 2006.
PAN-KULTUR.DE PanKultur e.V. is a steel pan club in Dortmund that boasts a membership of 200.
ECS-STEELDRUMS.DE ECS Steeldrums, run by pan tuner Eckard C. Schulz, has been developing the instrument in Germany for over 26 years.
DUBBEL-U-KAYSTEELDRUMS.DE The owner and tuner Bill Brown of this steelpan production company hails from London, England. His first contact with steeldrums was in 1976.
PANWORLD.DE Dortmund is the capital of steelpan music in Germany. And PANWORLD is the top-address for live music played on pan.
STEELPAN.DE Steelworks Duesseldorf offers workshops on becoming familiar with and playing pan.
BIMA.BIZ BIMA has been an active pan player for over 20 years and is recipient of the German Phono Academy award.
BLECHFOREST.DE The Blechforest-Steelorchester was founded in 1998 and is under the direction of Rolf Grillo.
CADILLAC-STEELBAND.DE Cadillac Steelband, composed of 15 members, is the only steel band in northwestern Germany. Based in Oldenburg, they bring a Caribbean atmosphere with Calypso, Salsa and Samba to the stage.
CALYPSOSUN.DE Calypso Sun was formed in April 2004 in Oberwalgern by Marburg in order to introduce a new music style in the German state of Hesse.
CARIBBEANSTEELBAND.DE The Caribbean Steelband from Rheinfelden was established in 1988 and consists of 11 members.
COCO-BAHIA.DE This steelband was founded in 1992 in Rheinfelden and has 17 active members.
PALAPA-STEEL-BAND.DE Palapa Steel Band offers a live music program of Salsa, Merengue and Calypso Rhythms complimented by Reggae, Samba and Pop songs.
PANGROOVE.DE Inspired by the sound of steelbands this 12 member steel drum orchestra was formed in 1993 and is based in Bielefeld.
PANS-AND-ROSES.COM Pans and Roses is an all girl steelband in Dortmund. It consists of five members who have made pan playing their passion.
PCS-STEELBAND.DE The Pantastic Claylypso Steelband was formed in 1989 as a youth project at the Clay-Oberschule in Berlin.
PORT-OF-PAN.COM Port of Pan led by Peter Wröbel has been around since 1998. They are from the Bielefeld-Ostwestfalen area.
PYROGRAPHIE.DE "Fire meets Steel" is a pyrotechnic extravaganza melded with the sounds of steelpan.
SAVANNAHCAFE.DE Savannah Cafe plays as a sextet or trio. They are based in Heilbronn.
STEELBAND.DE is a discussion forum in the German language covering all aspects of pan.
THE-PANMAN.DE Allan Pateon is "The Panman", an ex-pat who has been in Germany since 1996. He started playing pan at age twelve. He has been part of bands such as the Antillean All Stars and Phase II and has had the honor of playing with the late Ras Shorty.
TINPANALLEY-STEELBAND.DE The first German steelband formed back in 1977 is made up of 16 musicians who have spread the knowledge of pan throughout Berlin and surrounding area.
WISSU.DE The Caribbean Steelband Kolibris was founded in 1992 by band leader Michael Wissussek.
PAN-JUMBIE.COM Further links to steel bands and solo panists based in Germany.

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Soca, Calypso and Other Music
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THISISRUPEE.COM The site of German born Atlantic recording artist Rupert Clarke AKA Rupee.
SOCATWINS.COM The Soca Twins are DJ Franky Fiyah and MC Boone Chatta, the German soca ambassadors.
BABSGOESTRINIDAD.DE When this eight member band out of Baden-Württemberg takes the stage one can't help feel the passion for the Caribbean.
BACCHANALSISTERS.COM Germany's first female Soca DJ's. After experiencing Carnival in 2007 they decided to bring the soca feelin' back home with them. Also on MySpace.
BEAR-FAMILY.DE Bear Family Records is a German record label established in 1975. They have released an impressive 10 CD collection of Calypsos from the late 1930's along with a sprinkling of other Calypso recordings.
BEATCAMP.DE BeatCamp is soundsystem and music production company for soca, calypso, & Antillian music based in Berlin. Over 10 years in the business.
BFLAT13.DE Robert Wayne is a bass player who has his roots in Trinidad & Tobago and now lives in Germany. His love for music came from listening to his parents' Soca, Calypso and Jazz collections.
CARIBBEAN-MUSIC-CONNECTION.DE Caribbean Music Connection has made it its business to make the music of the Caribbean more familiar to the people in Germany and Europe. T&T born Jannette Kania is leading the Company.
CHAKO.DE Chako (Dr. Christian Habekost) is a comedian and cabaret act that has competed in a number of international calypso competitions. His kaiso "Trini Like You" placed 3rd after Superblue at Caribana in 1994.
CONSTANTPRESSURE.DE Soundsystem and label for soca music. Based in Hamburg.
COOL-BREEZE.ORG A nine member band from Berlin specializing in Ska, Calypso and African rhythms.
CULCHACANDELA.DE Culcha Candela is a German band that uses soca and other caribbean and latin rythms in their music.
DALLAWAY.DE K.J. Dallaway is a Trinidad born musician specializing on the trumpet. He now resides in the Rhein-Neckar region of Germany.
DECOOLER.COM De Cooler Socanews: Weblog for Caribbean music - Soca, Calypso, Pan and Carnival Culture.
DINGOLAYMUSIC.DE Dingolay Music is a German Record Label for Dancehall, Reggae, Soca and other Caribbean Music, located in Berlin.
FALUMA.COM The Caribbean Music Shop and Label - Europe's specialists for CDs, Vinyl and Mix Tapes in the field of Soca & Calypso music.
HADDAWAY.DE Trinidad born artist Haddaway, best known for his eurodance mega hit "What is Love", now lives in Cologne, Germany.
JEAN-LYONS.DE Jean Lyons is a gospel, blues and jazz singer and a native of Tobago. She currently resides in Speyer, Germany.
MASHUPCREW.ORG The Mashup Crew is Berlin's DJ Crew for the Music of the Caribbean Carnival: Soca, Calypso, Bouyon, Konpa, Zouk, and more.
RIDDIMPOSSE.DE The Riddim Posse is a soca and reggae band consisting of members from Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, Haiti, Barbados and Ghana.
SOCABASE.COM An extensive database of soca tunes and riddims run out of Germany.
SOCADOCTOR.COM Sound System, Munich, Germany.
SOCALYPSO.DE The soca virus is taking over Germany!
SOCALYPSO.BLOGG.DE A German blog on Soca. (hasn't been updated since Oct. 2005)
SOCAMUSIC.DE Germany's first website for Reggae, Dancehall and Soca, aka Has a German soca music discussion forum.
SUPADUPPA.BLOG.DE A German blog on Trini chunes run by "Karib"
THISISRUPEE.COM The site of German born Atlantic recording artist Rupert Clarke AKA Rupee.
TNT-SOUND.DE The TnT Soundboyz are a sound system from Warstein/Sauerland.

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